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Summer 2016 Update!

August 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

What a terrific month the teachers and I spent with students enrolled in our recently completed Summer Literacy Program! From Day One the children gelled not only within their cohort but also with those in the other groups.  The camaraderie they shared was most evidenced by the Field Day that was planned and executed by the students in our oldest group. My hat is off to those youngsters and their teacher for planning such a fun and enjoyable day for all.

If there is one word 


White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, Giants football legend Bob Hyland and Sr. St. John applaud the children  for their accomplishments. that best sums up this year's program it is "research."  Each day from early in the morning the students logged onto the computers and iPads to learn all they could about various topics -- the history of White Plains, foreign cultures, the four-stage lifecycle of butterflies, and photosynthesis and plant growth. They then took their knowledge and expressed it in various forms from playwriting and enactments, seedling planting and butterfly releasing. There is no doubt that the youngsters had barrels of fun while learning as you can see from these classroom photos (click here).     


Naturally, reading was a cornerstone of the program. Students in the 6th-10th grade group completed book reports for which they were awarded certificates by White Plains Mayor Tom Roach. Mayor Roach, along with Giants football legend Bob Hyland (a former student of mine), attended our closing ceremony. Both men congratulated the children on their accomplishments and told them that the reading and research skills they gained will be important and useful tools throughout their lives.

Teachers & students gather for Closing Ceremony..

I was especially pleased that so many parents and family members joined us for our closing program to see firsthand how their youngsters immersed themselves in learning and how they made connections about what they were learning. This year we were very fortunate to have students from The Culinary Tech Center in White Plains cater the delicious bar-b-que on our closing day. Many thanks to Program Director Betsy Evans and her aspiring chefs.  

I also want to thank the many parents who took time to share with our students information about their culture. That firsthand knowledge reinforced what the children were learning through their research.

A special thank you also to members of Girl Scout Troop 1988 Juniors who planted flowers outside the Center making it a more welcoming and inviting place.


I know it seems hard to believe but Summer 2016 is growing to a close. Back-to-School preparations will begin before too long.  Here at The Delany Center for Educational Enrichment our certified tutors are gearing up for the academic year.  Tutoring begins on Monday, September 12.  To register your child, contact or 422-4135.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing you  in September.


Sr. St. John Delany





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